Intern - Operations Coordinator


This position does not require prior insurance knowledge/experience. We want YOU to come join one of the nation's leading and most innovative Subrogation Recovery Law Firms. Wilber is the largest subrogation only law firm in the USA. Our mission is to service top insurers with excellence, while providing a great growth opportunity to teachable individuals within the community.

Oh yeah - that scary Subrogation Word - a fancy word for insurance collections.

What's in it for you?

  • The opportunity to learn about and work with a variety of departments, each specializing in different aspects of the company
  • Can experience how to work in a professional, office environment
  • Enjoy your workspace - our culture promotes transparency, and creates a place where problems are handed to leaders, and compliments are handed out all around
  • Your ideas and contributions have value and can help our company grow
  • You will leave our company with more knowledge and skill than when you arrived

Do any of these describe YOU?

  • The Supporter: You have to love to work with a team to support other units.
  • Perfectionist Tendencies? Quality + Quantity = SUCCESS
  • The Analyzer: You have to love details. We will teach you to review documents to extract information critical to providing the best return for our clients.
  • The People Person: We are building a community of professionals that take care of each other and the world around us. You are energetic, friendly, and ready to WIN for Wilber with your team.
  • The Idea Guy: Improving the work, while doing the work IS THE WORK. Bring us your ideas, and watch them get implemented across the company.
  • Stared at a screen your whole life? Come with basic typing and computer skills and we will take it from there.

Who are YOU?

  • A college student looking to fulfill a class credit
  • A student able to work a minimum of 15 hours per week

Your work has IMPACT:

  • Support the collection efforts of the firm through various administrative tasks
  • Review and analyze insurance principles and apply them to each case
  • Work with a team to meet client specific and department goals
  • Cross train to become a well-rounded team player - possibility of hiring consideration at the end of the program


  • High School diploma or GED required

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